6 cool nature-inspired hotels

There are hotels that offer you suites in skyscrapers and there are hotels that are quite simply in the lap of nature. Take in the splendour of nature from these stunning hotels that are as close to paradise you will get.

1. Kakslauttanen Hotel

Where: Saariselkä, Finland

Admire the wonder of the Northern Lights and winter wonderland from glass igloos that are a stones throw from Urho Kekkonen National Park. The Kelo-Glass Igloos come equipped with a sauna, fireplace, and kitchenette, to create your own private hideaway in the Lappish wilderness. The hotel is open during the Northern Light season from around August 20 to the end of April.

2. Hotel Palacio de Sal Hotel & Spa

Where: Salar de Uyuni, Potosí, Bolivia

Palacio de Sal translates to Palace of Salt. And that’s just what this hotel is. The entire hotel is made out of salk blocks, including chairs, tables and beds! Their strict instructions to guests? No licking the walls! The hotel also has hot water and central heating, along with a pool, bar, sauna and steam room. Situated on the the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni, the hotel has spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

3. Montaña Mágica Lodge

Where: Región de Los Ríos, Chile

In the midst of the picturesque Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve lies the fantasy-like Magic Mountain Hotel. Built like a volcano, with quaint windows peeking out of its sides, hotel looks like it belongs in a fairytale. A stunning waterfall cascades down from the peak enhancing the magical atmosphere.

4. The Manta Resort

Where: Pemba Island, Tanzania

The Manta Resort is best known for its stunning Underwater Room, which is 250 m and a 2 min boat ride from the shore. It’s a floating island of bliss surrounded by serene azure waters. The structure has three levels, and you can use the roof to jump off into the sea or sunbathe by day and stargaze by night. The bedroom is below the surface of the water and the view includes coral, a dazzling array of fish including  Spanish dancers, octopus, trumpet fish, and bat fish.

5. Icehotel

Where: Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

The world’s largest hotel made entirely out of snow and ice is rebuilt each year. In summer the spectacular creation melts back into the River Torne. That means the hotel and its suites can sport a new look every year. Artists from around the world gather together each year to carve out the beauty in ice. With 300 warm and cold beds, an ice bar, and two heated restaurants, the Icehotel doesn’t lack in amenities. Founded in 1989, the hotel is 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, making it a great spot to watch the  Northern lights. Guests can also indulge in fun activities like ice sculpting, dog sledding, skiing and snowmobiling.

6. Jules Undersea Lodge

Where: Key Largo Undersea Park, Florida, US.

Named after and inspired by Jules Verne, who wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, this is an unusual underwater hotel in the US. Guests need to scuba dive 21 feet under the sea to enter it!  The hotel might be at the bottom of the Emerald Lagoon but it has all the amenities you’d need, including hot showers, a well-stocked kitchen, and movies. The hotel also offers scuba diving classes. Head her to get up close and personal with nurse sharks, snappers, puffer fish, and juvenile goliath groupers.